Futuristic Technology That Were Accurately Predicted in Films

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How Many of These Would You Like to Own?

Technology is everywhere, in fact, it’s impossible to imagine our world without it now. From the mobile phones in our hands to the machines we use at home in G Residence Kuchai Lama and Seni Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur, there is no escaping this digital reality. It is no wonder that the Sci-Fi genre is raging at the box office, as
we are able to showcase different dimensions in space, imagine dystopian cities, and create realistic robots that look almost lifelike through CGI, all of which was earlier not possible. If you are a sports fan, then you probably won’t like this article at all.

Although films from the pre-digital era end up looking corny in comparison to the present, some of these old gems provide inspiration for new forms of inventions and end up closely predicting some of the technology used today in our apartments like G Residen, Seni Mont Kiara and Pantai Hillpark. Here we discuss some of the movie technology along with their real-life counterparts.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001: A Space Odyssey envisioned what life for humans would look like 33 years in the future, and an astounding number of predictions the film made about technology ring true more than 50 years later since its release. Stanley Kubrick’s classic narrates the story of a voyage through space that gets disrupted when the Discovery One spaceship’s supercomputer HAL 9000 suffers from an internal malfunction and starts to showcase feelings of hostility that are in contrast to its original settings.

The highly intelligent computer is capable of performing tasks such as speech recognition, natural language processing, lip reading, interpreting emotional behaviours and playing chess among others, a lot of which A.I are capable of doing today but was not deemed plausible back in 1968. In fact, the biggest criticism of HAL was that it would not have been possible for the computer to supposedly exist 19 years ago. Moreover, the film also predicted the concept of video calling, which of course is possible now thanks to applications such as FaceTime and Skype.

Back to the Future Part II (1989)

Back to the Future Part II famously depicted Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly time travel 26 years in the future to the year 2015. The film proved to be groundbreaking in terms of visual effects, digital compositing along with the most accurate portrayal of current technology. The most interesting aspect however, was that most of these inventions were directly inspired from the movie itself.

Among these included self-tying Nike shoes that were featured in the film, and an exact replica called Nike MAG was released as a limited edition design by the company in 2011 and 2016. The movie also introduced the concept of wearable tech, and home entertainment items such as voice-controlled televisions, which are now commonly found in our own homes at G Residence Kuala Lumpur, buy property Seni Mont Kiara KL, and Pantai Hillpark condo with Smart TVs.

Moreover, it featured hoverboards that caused all the rage. Several tech companies over the years attempted to create their own versions. The closest, however, is a Kickstarter project known as the Hendo, which is possibly the world’s first working hoverboard. The future is here.

Darkman (1990)

This 1990 cult classic stars Liam Neeson as Peyton Westlake, a scientist who is working on developing synthetic skin for burn victims, but is brutally attacked, disfigured and left for dead by a cruel mobster. After a treatment goes awry, Westlake develops superhuman abilities that leave him mentally unstable. The film is credited for its use of futuristic medical technology that is central to the story. Westlake is able to successfully develop synthetic skin which allows him to reconstruct his face in the aftermath of his attack.

In this way, the film accurately predicts 3-D printing technology, that has now become a reality three decades later with bioprinting, through which we can create skin transplants for serious injuries as well as other working organs and prosthetic limbs.

Minority Report (2002)

Image result for Minority Report

The 2002 Tom Cruise star Minority Report showcases a pre-crime analysis technology, which makes it possible for police officers to catch criminals before they commit a crime. Set against a dystopian backdrop in the year 2054, the film’s depiction of futuristic technology is actually quite accurate. The reason being that director Steven Spielberg consulted computer scientists, Sci-Fi authors, tech enthusiasts and philosophers in order to make his vision come alive.

As a result, the film accurately predicted much of the technology used today such as retina scanners, electronic papers, and multi-touch interfaces. The holographic 3-D computer with motion sensors used by Cruise’s character John Anderton to browse through clues in mid-air using a set of gloves that resembles a multi-touch interface, paved way for the future of augmented and virtual reality. Minority Report can also be credited for accurately predicting surveillance technology such as the kind used by NSA PRISM.…

Football Riots

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Football (or soccer) is a really intense sport, moods are high, tensions are swinging, it’s like a volcano that is about the blow. And it has, on several occasions.

No me personally, I don’t really do live matches, I usually watch it at home, that way I have access to free food and access to air conditioning, I can even place bets in this live online casino in Singapore and maybe get a few bucks in if I am lucky.

Just like the sport’s intensity, the fans can be just as intense, like really intense, the kind of intense that has burned down cities. Riots, melees and hooliganism have sadly tainted the sport as hooligans seem to feel like they are obliged to act criminals when things do not go their way. 

Although it is a small minority of people who are like this, their actions have caused hurt and damage to people who didn’t want to be involved, and that is a horrible side of it. Fortunately these days, football associations and major football leagues have taken a firm stand against hooliganism and have penalties for those who cause trouble, like bans, heavy fines and even jail time if it gets serious. 

That being said, we should still look back at the many incidents that has plagued the football world in the past, so here are examples of Riots that have been caused by football matches.

Estadio Nacional Disaster: Peru, 1964

The fatalities and injuries from this riot was actually the result of the police forces actions to quell the riots. The disaster took place in a game between Peru and Argentina. Argentina was leading 1-0. Peru scored a goal with 6 minutes left, a goal that would have equalised the score. But a referee did not allow it, so of course this angered some fans who stormed the pitch. 

In response to this, Peruvian police fired tear gas canisters into the crowd. This caused a panic as people who were not involved in the first place began to flee. The gates of the stadium were made of corrugated steel, and they were closed during the game, as they usually are. From the tunnel entrances, there were stairs that led up to the stands above, and these became filled with people who were rushing to get out, and were unaware that the gates were closed at the bottom. People were pushed against the walls of the gate, which eventually collapsed due to the pressure. As a result of the stampede, 328 spectators lost their lives, making it one of football history’s worst disaster. 

Port Said Stadium Riot: Egypt, 2012

During a match between two Egyptian teams, Masry and Ahly, in the Egyptian Premier League. It all started with a delayed match kickoff due to some Masry fans on the field. After Ahly had scored 3 goals in the first half, their supporters came onto the field. At the end of the match, thousands were already on the pitch, with Masry fans throwing bottles and fireworks at the Ahly players who fled to their changing room. Some Masry fans carried knives and bats, they then began attacking Ahly fans who tried to flee but couldn’t sue to the gates being locked. The melees resulted in the deaths of 72 Ahly fans, 1 Masry fan and one police officer. Many of those killed suffered stabbing wounds and hemorrhages. 

A trial was held which convicted 21 people to death for their involvement in the killings and the Egyptian government had to shut down the league for a while. 

Atatürk Stadium disaster: Turkey, 1967

In a match between two Turkish teams, Kayserispor and Sivasspor, the Sivasspor fans began to become riled up as Kayserispor was leading 1-0. What started as rock throwing turned into a full on brawl. Many of the spectators were armed with various melee weapons like knives and bats. People who were not part of the brawl began to flee as the hooligans were going at it, causing a stampede which saw people being trampled to death.

The violence even carried on in the streets in which Sivasspor fans began attacking random people. At the end of it all, 43 people lost their lives.

Upton Park riot: United Kingdom, 2009

When two London clubs go head to head in a match, you can bet that there is some fierce rivalry going on between them. Such example is shown in the 2009 Upton Park Riot in which fans of West Ham United and Millwall repeatedly delayed the game by stampeding into the pitch. Violence continued outside of the pitch as a Millwall supporter was stabbed. 

And those were some examples of rioting and hooliganism in the football world. It should really serve as a lesson for those who are attending live matches that some actions may cause others to be hurt as you can see in the cases mentioned above. 

So try to keep it civil the next time you get out and support your team.

Tips to Detect Spoiled Frozen Food

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How Can You Detect Spoiled Frozen Food

Frozen food is just another regular food. It will be spoiled when the times have come. The only difference between frozen food and fresh food is frozen food has long life shelf. Which is mean you actually can store it up to one year in the fridge. While raw food usually did not last a week even though it was put inside the refrigerator. But if the frozen food went bad before the expiry date, like decolourized and so on, it is the time to pay attention to your food in the fridge!

Tips To Detect Frozen Food That Are Spoiled

Freezer burn is one of the signs that your food has spoiled. How to know you have experienced freezer burn? Check whether there is the crystalline lining on top of your frozen food. This usually happens to the frozen food packaged in the container, such as the ice cream box. As for the poultry and meat, you can tell by looking at dry spots which usually appear greyish or brownish on the surface. Freezer burn happens because the meat is not wrapped correctly, thus, letting air inside and come in contact with the meat’s surface.

Another method to know whether the frozen food gone bad is texture changing. The surface of the food usually dull and feel slimy, that’s mean it is the time to throw it in the trash can. Of course, you can still eat it, but the taste will be not so good anymore. And if this ever happens to your defrost chicken, make sure to get rid of the chicken quickly.

Usually, if the smell of frozen food stains your nose until you feel like puking, that’s mean the food has spoiled. This is due to the storage of food which that not correctly packed in an air-tight container or bag. This will lead the smells of other types of food to travel to another one and stick to each other, thus, creating a mix of foul perfume fragrance.

In conclusion, lookout for signs of your frozen food turning bad to prevent you from getting health risk diseases in the future. No matter how good the meal and whether it is chicken supplier Singapore, frozen food will go wrong.

Take a look at this video to learn how to keep your frozen food fresh:…

How Important Hiring a Reliable SAP Consulting Company Is

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Is Your SAP Consulting Company Reliable?

Many business owners are getting more and more competitive in dealing with the different expectations from them. The business world has become a warzone, which is why it important for one business owner to come up with fresh ideas to keep himself/herself in the game. You would want to stand out if you want to achieve success. But then again, you can expect great struggle from trying to come up with a plan, since many business owners are probably thinking the same. You would need experts to help you out in making your business stand out.
One of the most effective ways of standing out is to transform your business. Digital transformation is one of the biggest and most effective tricks in bringing your business to the world. You might think that you don’t need this since your business is doing well, but you cannot guarantee that it’s going to be the same in the future. Remember, the competition is getting more and more intense in the business world. Therefore it is important to make a move now.

The process may not be easy, but rest assured that the results would be worth it. If you want to lessen up the burden, hiring SAP Partner Malaysia would help you do it. They have the best consultants you could ever find. You can get to your goal in no time, with them by your side. Hiring them would give you so much benefit.

Benefits of Hiring a Reliable SAP Consulting Company

You can provide convenience and comfort to your potential customers with digital integration. If you might have noticed most people nowadays have their eye on their phones or any gadget almost 24/7. It would make things easier for them to shop and avail your services if you offer it online. It would also be easier for your part since feedbacks, compliments, and complaints about your product will be easily known through the online world. You can take action on them as soon as possible.

Your employees will become more productive than ever since it will lessen their workload. You can expect efficient and effective results. It will surely save you time and get work done faster than ever, especially with the great development happening on technologies. Through the use of effective digital tools, one would even get more information than needed that could help in developing strategies for the business.

At this day in age, integrating your business to the online world is such a must. It would definitely level up your sales. You just need to make sure that you get to hire a reliable SAP Consulting Company. It would be vital in making sure that everything turns into a success. Rest assured, with the right one by your side, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything so much. So what are you still waiting for? You should approach the ones that state they provide Sap Support Services Malaysia. Experience the many benefits that they provide. Guaranteed you’ll be happy with their service and the benefits they could give.

Take a look at this video on being an SAP Consultant:…

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