Tips to Detect Spoiled Frozen Food

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How Can You Detect Spoiled Frozen Food

Frozen food is just another regular food. It will be spoiled when the times have come. The only difference between frozen food and fresh food is frozen food has long life shelf. Which is mean you actually can store it up to one year in the fridge. While raw food usually did not last a week even though it was put inside the refrigerator. But if the frozen food went bad before the expiry date, like decolourized and so on, it is the time to pay attention to your food in the fridge!

Tips To Detect Frozen Food That Are Spoiled

Freezer burn is one of the signs that your food has spoiled. How to know you have experienced freezer burn? Check whether there is the crystalline lining on top of your frozen food. This usually happens to the frozen food packaged in the container, such as the ice cream box. As for the poultry and meat, you can tell by looking at dry spots which usually appear greyish or brownish on the surface. Freezer burn happens because the meat is not wrapped correctly, thus, letting air inside and come in contact with the meat’s surface.

Another method to know whether the frozen food gone bad is texture changing. The surface of the food usually dull and feel slimy, that’s mean it is the time to throw it in the trash can. Of course, you can still eat it, but the taste will be not so good anymore. And if this ever happens to your defrost chicken, make sure to get rid of the chicken quickly.

Usually, if the smell of frozen food stains your nose until you feel like puking, that’s mean the food has spoiled. This is due to the storage of food which that not correctly packed in an air-tight container or bag. This will lead the smells of other types of food to travel to another one and stick to each other, thus, creating a mix of foul perfume fragrance.

In conclusion, lookout for signs of your frozen food turning bad to prevent you from getting health risk diseases in the future. No matter how good the meal and whether it is chicken supplier Singapore, frozen food will go wrong.

Take a look at this video to learn how to keep your frozen food fresh:…

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